Friday, August 28, 2009

Pictures of the Cane Creek Area

Many thanks to a friend, Read Gilgen, who sent some pictures of the Cane Creek, Tennessee, area, where he and his wife Sue are serving a mission. They're having a dramatically different experience than the missionaries did back in the days of John Morgan and B.H. Roberts!

The historical marker for the Cane Creek site. Here are links to information about each of these men on Amateur Mormon Historian or Keepapitchinin.

A country road north of Hohenwald, Tennessee, leading to the Cane Creek area.

The cemetery where Malinda Conder's two sons are buried. They were both members of the church. They died trying to save the lives of the missionaries.

If you read the link on John Riley Hudson above, you can see that these missionaries are in a long line of missionaries making a pilgrimage to the site.


  1. It has been 125 since this happened. This incident was sighted in the Church News recently.

  2. Nice photos. I have to come visit your site more frequently. I'm never disappointed.