Wednesday, October 21, 2009

John Sutton Linton

Reading Amateur Mormon Historian one day, I was surprised by a reference to John S. Linton in a post about the Wolf Creek Branch in the Southern States Mission in 1884. I sent an email to the blog author, Bruce, as follows:
"...about your Wolf Creek Branch post: I never realized that John S. Linton was a missionary in the Southern States. He was the older brother of my great-great grandmother Mary Ann Linton, who became John Morgan's third wife four years after John Linton was serving in the Wolf Creek Branch. It never occurred to me to wonder how Mary Linton, living in Nephi, Utah, got to know John Morgan, and why she would have agreed to become his third wife after seeing how hard polygamy was on her mother. Now I have a pretty good idea."
Bruce sent some additional information in reply:
"Later on in the [Wolf Creek Minute book] is a list of missionaries that served in the South West Tennessee Conference since it formed. John S. Linton is listed as being from Nephi, with an arrival date of Dec 11, 1882, a departure date of Nov 12, 1884, and a simple note "Honorably released". The brevity of the record is disappointing." (Email from Bruce Crow, June 15, 2009.)
The Mary Morgan and John Linton families continued to be close after John Morgan's death, as noted in a prior post on this blog:

Harold Morgan, Part II

For a biography of John Sutton Linton, download the January 2005 Linton Family Newsletter.

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