Friday, October 23, 2009

Morgan 12 & 13: Jens Christensen and Karen Marie Johannesen Christensen

Some of the next ancestors in the Morgan line are Jens and Karen Marie Johannesen Christensen. However, I will not be posting biographies here for the simple reason that they are also ancestors on the Tanner line and I have already posted a short biography of them and a note about their emigration to the United States.

Their daughter Mary Kjerstine Christensen married Ove Oveson and shared many of his adventures in Ephraim, Utah, and St. Johns, Arizona. They were my grandfather's great-grandparents.

Their adopted son Marinus Christensen married Fanny Thomas. They were my grandmother's grandparents.

Picture of Lonely Dell Ranch at Lee's Ferry from Lee's Ferry is where these pioneers would have crossed the Colorado River into the region of Arizona that would be their home and eventually, their final resting place.

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