Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morgan 14 & 15: David Nathan Thomas and Adeline Springthorpe Thomas

After I started working on a post about the David Nathan and Adeline Springthorpe Thomas family, it quickly became clear that it was a much more complex project than I realized.

David Nathan Thomas came to America in 1862 with his four children. His wife Mary Howell had died in their native Wales.

The family records report that he was married to Adeline Springthorpe on September 5, 1862 in Nephi, Juab, Utah, but this is a couple of weeks before the wagon train arrived in Salt Lake City, so either the date or place is incorrect. Or perhaps both! This detail is typical of all the information that we have about the family, so I am searching through records to assemble accurate information on the Thomas family, and have also started working on the Springthorpe family. The Springthorpe family genealogy is even more complicated and convoluted than that of the Thomas family. But I have a number of interesting leads on the family, including a copy of the minute book of the Kingston (Piute County) United Order that a friend sent by email.

It's a fascinating project. But it might take weeks to get to a point where it's worth posting anything. Stay tuned...

The picture of Grass Valley, Piute County, Utah, is from wikipedia. This is the area where the Thomas and Springthorpe families lived for several years before moving to Arizona.

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