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Samuel Walter Jarvis and Pearl Dean Taylor Jarvis

Samuel Walter Jarvis, fifth child of George and Ann Prior Jarvis, born in London, Middlesex, England, April 18th, 1854, married, first, Frances (Fanny) Godfrey DeFriez, December 4th, 1877, in the St. George Temple.

A sketch of the life of Samuel, and a complete record of this family and his descendants from his wife are to be found in Part II of this Book, in the "Joseph George DeFriez" section, commencing on page 66. [Found in the post Samuel Walter Jarvis and Frances Godfrey DeFriez Jarvis.]

Samuel Walter Jarvis married, second, in Poligamy [sic], which was then being practiced in the "Mormon" Church to some extent, Pearl Dean Taylor, daughter of Edwin E. and Alice Ann Taylor, Taylor. They were married quietly the fall of 1902, at Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and went to the Temple in St. George and had their Ceiling [sic] done there August 28, 1907. Pearl was born at Springerville, Apache County, Arizona, September 4th, 1881. She was a very nice looking young woman, well and gracefully built, of medium size and rather dark complexioned. After her marriage, she often went with her husband out on jobs, where she would have to live in crude conditions of camp life as it was in Mexico at that time, so that she did not enjoy the luxuries of a nice home, but helped him in his work of overseer on contracts building sections of the railroad, etc., by cooking and making a home for him at his camps. This he appreciated, as his first family was by this time too large to shift about, and leave an established home and a store which they had there, also livestock, and other interests that needed to be looked after.

When the people of Mexico had to leave because of the War, Samuel took his families to St. George where his relatives lived, but as soon as possible left there to find employment for himself and his boys, and by 1919, they were down near the border, hoping to be able to get back into Mexico, and get the use of some of the property they had left in the exodus. By this time, Pearl had six children, and had moved many times. She was in El Paso, Texas, when she took the "Flu," and became dangerously ill. Her husband was with her and sent (or took) her to a Hospital, where all possible was done for her. She had a baby boy born March 1st, 1919, that died the next day, and she lived until the 21st, and passed away. She was buried March 23rd, 1919, in Concordia Cemetery, El Paso, Texas.

Samuel was by this time, in failing health and quite discouraged. The next years were hard for both father and children. For a time the small ones lived with their father's first wife, Fanny, the older boys being able to get some work, and partly, at least, take care of themselves. It was trying on all concerned to have the two families together, and as soon as the father thought it was at all possible, he got a house and let the oldest daughter, Pearl, manage a home for their family. By this time she was between eleven and twelve years old, but she did very well, and the children were learning to take care of themselves. The father did not live very long. He passed away February 7th, 1923, at Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico, after several months illness. He was buried there.

Hyrum Taylor (1903, Mexico)
Edwin Walter (1906, Mexico)
Brigham Taylor (1908, Mexico)
Pearl (1910, Mexico)
Earnest Van Buren (1912, Utah)
Bessie Ann (1916, Texas)
Baby boy (1919, Texas)

From Margaret Godfrey Jarvis Overson. George Jarvis And Joseph George De Friez Genealogy. Mesa, Ariz: M.J. Overson, 1957, i: 69-71.

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