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Morgan 22: John Sutton

John Sutton, son of Henry Sutton and Sarah Yates, was born January 19, 1788 at Billinge, Lancashire, England. His father had a large farm where he was raised. He had two older brothers, Peter and Henry, and two younger brothers, William and Robert, along with two older sisters, Ann and Mary.

He married Mary Ellison, a daughter of Adam Ellison and Ellen Glover, of Welsh Whittle, Chorley, Lancashire. She was christened August 13, 1799. To them were born eight children, seven who lived to adulthood. Their fifth child Henry died while young. The other children are Ann, Sarah, Ellen, Mary, Alice, Peter and Henry John.

Mary Ellison Sutton and her older children were baptized members of the L.D.S. Church on January 12, 1851 by John Ashcroft, and her husband joined the Church March 8th of the same year. They were living at that time at 220 Parr Stocks, Parr, St. Helens, where John ran a grocery store and Ann, age 22, the oldest daughter, helped him. Sarah, age 20, worked making straw hats. Ellen was living at this time with an uncle, Joseph Greenough, a coal proprietor. They left England for Utah, sailing on the ship, "Elvira Owens," February 15, 1853, and came across the plains with the company of Captain Joseph W. Young, traveling as an independent detachment using their own means. John and Mary with all seven of their children, having with them three wagons, one carriage, two horses, nineteen oxen, and three cows. They camped September 22, 1853, at the Big Sandy in Wyoming. The following is a statement written by Henry Pugh, the secretary of the Company to President Brigham Young on this date.
Difficulties we are now encountering in the want of grass and the consequent daily loss of some cattle, 13 gave out on the 20th and 5 or 6 yesterday.
They arrived in Salt Lake Valley in October, 1853. John Sutton was ordained a High Priest by Heber C. Kimball in 1855.

John and Mary with some of their children moved to Nephi, Juab County where they remained the rest of their lives. John died March 4, 1865 and Mary died August 13, 1869.
Ann Sutton married Charles Langson
Sarah Sutton married James Holiday Durney
Ellen Sutton married Samuel Linton
Mary Sutton married George Goddard
Alice Sutton married Thomas Naylor
Peter Sutton married Mary Duncan Park
Henry John Sutton married Emaline Louise Knowles

From this wonderful couple came many descendants who are faithful members of the church.

Written by Frank A. Johnson, a great grandson.

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