Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010. Wow. With the turning over of the calendar, it is time to start posting about the Wessman family.

First is Henry Richard Emanuel Wessman. After telling about him, I will trace his family back to Sweden and cover all the information I have about the family and their ancestral home in Göteborgs och Bohus before switching over to tell the story of his wife, Hazel Jean Hayward, and her ancestors. Most of the lines in the Hayward family trace back to southern England.

After joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and moving to America, most of these families lived in and around Salt Lake City, Utah, so the time on these lines will mostly be divided between Sweden, England, and Salt Lake City.

The histories normally post Monday through Friday at a rate of 10-20 posts a month. As always, I appreciate readers sharing pictures or histories, comments, stories, recollections, etc. I try to preserve a bit of privacy for living people and those who have recently passed away.

Every post has one or more tags, and if you read down the "Index" which is right below the search box on the right side of the blog, you can select a name and bring up all the posts in which the person or topic is named. In addition, there is an "ahnentafel" list of all the ancestors in the Wessman line way down in the right sidebar.

I enjoyed researching in Swedish records when I was in college and am looking forward to reviewing the research once again. It will be a great start to the year!

The photo of the castle in Bohus, Sweden, is from The photo of the rocky beach and boat at Deal, Kent, England is from Both photos are in Creative Commons and are available for use with some rights reserved by the photographers, including attribution of the works, which is why I include a link to the photos on flickr.

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