Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jean Hayward in Germany, February 1908

Feb. 6
Dear brother: -
I am off to see a big exhibition of English paintings, as our room is being cleaned & we can't practice. I will try to write to mama today, but if I don't, will write tomorrow. We are well & happy.
Ths picture shows a parade of the emperor's soldiers.
Love from
Sister Jean

The emperor in 1908 was Wilhelm II, the last German emperor. Upcoming postcards will show various members of the royal family.

Dear brother:-
I do keep sending cards. I hope you get them all. The reason I never sent the film is because I never heard anything about it until the last letter. I don't think I should have forgotten it if I had received the letter and sample. We have walked to this platz many times. It takes us about half an hour there and the same time back. Bushels of love from
Sister Jean

The "platz" she mentions is Savignyplatz. Here's the route she could have taken from her home to Savignyplatz. When Jean was in Germany, Charlottenburg was an actual city rather than a part of Berlin as it is now.

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