Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jean Hayward in Germany, July 18, 1908

Kochzellsgesellschaft [?]

Dear Jean;
This is a case of "tit" for "tat." I haven't heard anything but a post card from you, yet, now have I? It was my last music lesson Tuesday, and now come the holidays. I am simply revelling [sic] in spare time. Yesterday we went to see the [?] and Chamber of Horrors!! Don't you wish you had been "mit" [with]? In the afternoon of the same day we went to [?] on a picnic. It was as pretty. Miss McGrage had tea with me the other day, and after wards played for us. She had invited Miss Nichols and me the Sunday before, and treated us swell. Give my love to Bessie.
Love from Rita [Jackman]

An [To]
Miss Jean Hayward
147 Lewisham Road
London S.E.

[According to one source, this address was probably a boarding house.]

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