Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jean Hayward in Germany, July 4, 1908

July 4, 1908
On the Rhine 

July 4, 1908

Dearest mother:- This is the hotel we stayed at in Mayence [that's the French spelling of Mainz] and the X show [sic] the windows of our room and papa's. We are on the boat now taking our trip down the Rhine. It takes 7 hours. As you will see by the date it is the forth [sic] of July but you wouldn't know it if you didn't remember the date. Once in a while you see an American flag on some one. All well here. Did you have many fireworks? Jean wants to write so I will have to save room. Bessie.

Am beginning to get homesick now will be great when the [?] of Aug. comes. Am going to write & tell you how papa was converted after [?] May through [?] island. Bushels of love from Jean

[I can't decipher the couple of lines on the top.]

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