Monday, February 22, 2010

Jean Hayward in Germany, June 19, 1908

Kantstrasse mit Theater des Westens 
[Kant Street showing the Western Theater]

Dearest brother:- It is Thurs. June 18, the day when papa will land at Havre. I am getting so anxious now to see him & do hope he won't forget to write me from Paris. I hope you & mama are not too lonesome, we will very soon be home now. Tell mama I am feeling quite alright again got up yesterday & have practiced today. Got a letter from Aunt Kizzie [Kezia Hayward (1862-1959)] & one from Stella yesterday. Tell mama she will get another letter on the next mail, next Monday.

[On front:]
Bambergerstr 5
Berlin W. 50.
Love from Sister


  1. Stella is Stella Beesley Dahlquist, daughter of Adelbert and Adelaide Pugsley Beesley. Adelbert is the son of Ebinizer Beesley, who has written a lot of songs in the LDS Hymnbook, such as "High on a Mountain Top". Ebinizer also started Beesley Music Company on Main street almost to 1st S. in SLC, where Norinne and Marilyn once worked. Del went on a mission to the Samoan Islands and brought home wood from an old ship wreck. He made a Xylophone out of it and would play it at Pugsley Reunions. Per Norinne.

  2. P.S. I have a scanned photo of Stella. I will send it to you.