Monday, February 1, 2010

Jean Hayward in Germany

Jean was born into a well-to-do Salt Lake City family. Her parents, Henry and Elizabeth Hayward, were active in the community and politics. In 1907 Jean traveled to Berlin along with her friend Rita Jackman and Rita's aunt Helen Kimball Tilton to study for the better part of a year with the famous pianist Alberto Jonás. The next August, she returned home with her father and her aunt Clara who had come to Europe to accompany her home. Her mother was otherwise occupied with political affairs and could not spend the time traveling. In November, Jean married Henry Wessman, who had encouraged her not to miss this wonderful opportunity.

This is Jean's passport application. It shows that she was 5 feet tall. The previous page in the passport application book was for Helen Kimball Tilton, and the subsequent page for Rita Jackman.

While she was in Europe, Jean sent a series of postcards to her family. A cousin sent scans of the postcards, and I will post them over the next several days. Here are the first two, sent from Dresden on December 15, 1907.

Dear brother:—
How do you like the looks of the King of Saxony's palace? We are at a hotel right close to the art galleries as well as the palace. This morning we saw all of the jewels belonging to the crown and we also saw one of the museums. It has been snowing ever since we got here yesterday afternoon and is very, very cold, but we have had a nice time. We go back to Berlin tomorrow night. 
Love from sister Jean.

Dearest Mother:—
This gives you an idea of the beauty of German gardens in summer. Of course we are seeing Dresden at a bad time of the year, but it is a very interesting city as it is so old & quaint. I wish you were here to see the art gallery; it would do your heart good. The Sistine Madonna is even more beautiful than you can imagine. We were very much disappointed in not being able to go to the Opera, but of course we weren't aware of the queen's having any intention of dying. The girls yesterday treated us just fine & seemed glad to see us. We are all well and happy & hope you all are.
Lots of love

(The address of the Hayward's home at 272 North 200 West is now occupied by more recently built homes.)

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