Monday, March 1, 2010

Jean Hayward in Germany, Postcards from Friends

Jean Hayward returned home and married Henry Wessman on Wednesday, November 25, 1908. The postcard collection contains some cards sent to her and her sister Bessie after they returned home. Here are a couple from December of that year.

Dear Jean. Thank you so much for the book you gave me. I found it so interesting. The girls are both hard at work with Jonas. He has been giving some fine concerts. I wish you could have heard them....

...Trace [Tracy Cannon] has gone and we miss him so! I hear Mrs. [Helen] Kimble [Kimball Tilton] had a grand fuss with Pinchers [Jean and Rita and Helen's landlords]. I am so glad she at last found them out. I hoped—said she would if she was there long enough. Remember me to your family & Love to you from Emma Lucy [Gates Bowen].

Dec. 12th 08
My dear Bessie, Thank you very much for your card—it is with the greatest pleasure that I send this of Eitel Friedrich & his wife. For home, [?] next Friday. Dec. 18th, for Xmas. I am beside myself with joy at the prospect of Xmas at home! Please give Jean my dearest love when you see her, how dreadfully you all must miss her.
Love from Molly

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