Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Vacation

The blog is on holiday for several days while I process a bunch of information on the Hayward family. So until I post again, have a nice week. And in the meantime, here are a few blogs to fill your time...

Genealogy ... Genealogy's Star

The Morgan Family ... Ancestral Ties

Mormon history ... Keepapitchinin

A kid waiting for a heart transplant ... Miracle Mason
(Mason has the same heart condition (HLHS) as my youngest, but he has the additional complication of a condition called pulmonary vein stenosis and is in heart failure. He and his family could use a lot of prayers.)

And to look forward to when I return...

The Perpetual Emigration Fund, or, how did all these poor British Saints afford travel to the United States, since, even if they traveled in steerage, it was still expensive.

The Voyage of the International, the ship that the Haywards and many other Mormon immigrants took to the United States. By the time the ship reached America, the captain and a good percentage of the crew had joined the church.

The smugglers of Deal, Kent — were the Haywards involved in smuggling, or did they just provide the boats to the smugglers?

The picture of seagulls on the beach at Deal, Kent, England, is from

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