Friday, April 16, 2010

Richard Linton Morgan (1890-1952) and Eudora Eggertsen Morgan (1894-1982)

Cousin Chris W. sent these photos of the Linton Morgan family. Thanks, Chris! It is always very enjoyable to "meet" cousins, and I always appreciate contributions to the family record.

You can see a photo and history of Linton Morgan here.

Eudora Eggertsen Morgan. 

Eudora was born in 1894 in Provo, Utah. Her parents were Simon Peter Eggertsen and Henrietta Patria Nielsen Eggertsen, both of Danish pioneer families.

A picture of Eudora around 1970.

Two of Linton and Eudora's children, Dixie Morgan Wise and John Waldo "Jack" Morgan.

Linton and Eudora's second daughter, Merline Morgan McCullough, on the left.

Linton Morgan's obituary.

David and Dixie Morgan Wise. There is certainly a marked family resemblance between first cousins Dixie and my grandmother Maxine.

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  1. Great photos and articles.
    I'm researching descendants of the Eggertsens. Eudora's grandfather, Simon Peter Eggertsen, Sr., has over 1200 descendants, but I need help in locating descendants of Dixie, Merline, and John Waldo "Jack" Morgan.
    Craig Paxman (