Monday, May 3, 2010

Hazel Jean Hayward Wessman, A Biography

I am going to interrupt the information about the Pugsley will and the rather curious circumstances surrounding it to post a history sent by Wessman cousin Toni Wyeth. 

Toni reports that about fifteen years ago, during a time of great personal demands, Norinne and Beverly encouraged her to do some family history work, and she felt that she should collect stories about the Jean and Henry Wessman family from the children and grandchildren in that family. Toni had a wonderful experience getting to know family members, and she has been kind enough to share her work and the stories and memories of their lives with all of us. I was so touched to read this biography, because I started out with so few materials about Jean and Henry. Three pages to be exact.

The biography is very easy to read and includes so much interesting information about the family that it is easy to read in one sitting. But I will post it over the next week or so in blog-sized bits, starting tomorrow morning.

Many thanks to Toni, and also to the Wessman children and grandchildren who shared the information and memories to make this project possible.

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