Monday, August 30, 2010

George and Ann Jarvis in the U.S. Census

The Jarvis family arrived in Boston in 1857. They lived there until they traveled to Utah with the Jesse Murphy Company which left Florence, Nebraska, on June 19, 1860, and arrived in Salt Lake City on August 30. I have not found them in a census, which is no surprise, since they may have been underway during the spring.

The Jarvis family lived in St. George in 1870. I cannot find them in the census, despite reading through the entire town of St. George, and then through all the communities in Washington County. Could they have lived elsewhere for a while? Been out of town for some reason? Did they prefer not to show up in the census?


The census does not exist due to a fire.

George and Ann Jarvis do not show up in the census. See my notes from 1870.

This is a little hard to see. It shows that George was a naturalized citizen. That means that his wife was also a citizen, since a woman's citizenship was based on her husband's.

George and Ann died in January 1913, a few days apart.

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