Monday, September 6, 2010

Guide to Ancestors

Blogger now has a feature called "Pages." Each page is like a post, but it is a permanent part of the blog sidebar. I've been playing around with the feature, and have created an index to the family of each of my grandparents. Included in each page is a list of five generations of ancestors and links to the posts about them. I've also added a few favorite pictures. I imagine that these guides will be of most use to my close relatives that share a complete line of ancestry.

The pages are a work in progress, so I'll continue to add new pictures and links.

Below the "Guide to Ancestors" is the search bar, a list of some of my most-visited posts, and the index by first name and subject.

The search feature does not always seem to find everything. If you want to search for something on this blog, you may want to do a site search in Google. In Google, type:
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