Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Hayward Homes

Included in the collection of family photos and documents that Emily sent is a set of pictures of the different homes of Henry Hayward and Elizabeth Pugsley Hayward. Here is the complete set.

The house father built for his bride — 1875
1st No. between 5th and 6th West.

Moved to this home in 1885
Located on 1st North between 2nd & 3rd Wests

Pugsley Court.           1892
Between 3rd & 4th No. & 2nd & 3rd West.

272 No. 2nd West — 1906
(Another copy of this picture notes that this is Jean Hayward, and that Henry built this home.)

274 No. 2nd West                  1912
X marks apartment where they lived.

1140 Herbert Ave               1919

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