Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thomas Parkinson Collection

I was looking for something else entirely when I found a link to a description of the Thomas and Mary Ann Parkinson Family Collection at the Brigham Young University Library. I cannot link to the description in the library, since it seems to be password protected, so here is a link to the description of the collection in a cataloging site.

The collection also shows up in WorldCat, but will not allow a link. Search on the subject "Thomas Parkinson," and you will find:

Parkinson family. The Thomas Parkinson Family Photographs. 1868. 65 photographs and 11 negatives. Harold B. Lee Library. BYU.

Parkinson, Thomas. [Family Papers]. 1855. 1 box. Harold B. Lee Library. BYU.
Letters, journals, scrapbooks and photos dealing with the Parkinson family.
Here is a biography of Thomas and Mary Ann.

[Ed.—I looked at this collection last summer and got a few copies of photographs. It is a collection documents and pictures used in the production of the Parkinson family book by Diane Parkinson. March 12, 2012.]

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