Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Utah As It Is

This 632-page look at Utah culture and society in 1904 seems to have been published to sell copies of itself, rather than have any more idealistic views in mind, perhaps somewhat like Who's Who. But it has a nice little biography of Elizabeth Hayward.

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hayward.
Among the prominent women who have become so not only through their womanly qualities and their motherhood in this glorious State, but also because of their active participation and achievements in public affairs, few are better known or entitled to more general recognition than the one above named. She was born in Salt Lake City, December 23, 1854, being the daughter of Philip and Martha Pugsley, who rank among the Pioneers, having come to Utah in September, 1853, and were among our best known and most respected citizens. The subject of this sketch achieved her present name by marriage, on December 23,1875, to Henry J. Hayward, the head of the Salt Lake Building and Manufacturing Company.

Mrs. Hayward has contributed nine children to the population of the State and has performed a wide measure of womanly duties otherwise. She has taken an active interest in politics, having been a member of the Woman's Democratic Club since its organization, immediately after Statehood. She was assistant Secretary for one year, Secretary for two years, then President for the years 1902 and 1903. She was also President of the Parents' Club of the Washington school district, for the years 1901 to 1903, and is a member of the Library Board of Salt Lake City. She has an extensive acquaintance throughout the State and is greatly respected wherever known. She will undoubtedly be heard from as the times advance.

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