Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Utah in the World War

The book Utah in the World War by Noble Warrum is an exhaustive list of the servicemen involved in the First World War and a description of the war efforts. I find that I have a copy of three pages which encompasses the description of the list of servicemen, and lists John E. Hayward as an enlisted man from Utah. He is described as follows:

*Hayward, John E. ............. Salt Lake
     8-8-17 to 9-27-19, GS

The star means that he served overseas. Next are his dates of service, and GS means "General Service."

Family records note that he served in France.

Here is his draft record. It shows that he was a student at the University of Utah, working at Salt Lake Mill and Construction, and was not subject to the draft because he worked for the Red Cross Ambulance Corps, Div. 27.


Utah, and Noble Warrum. Utah in the World War: The Men Behind the Guns and the Men and Women Behind the Men Behind the Guns. Salt Lake City: Arrow Press, 1924.

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