Monday, October 4, 2010

DUP Presidents Biography

Elizabeth Pugsley Hayward. April 11, 1917, Daughter Hayward was elected President. This was during World War I, and President Hayward's work was greatly curtailed. She and her officers were called into the Red Cross service, and entered into it with a real zeal of a Daughter of a Pioneer. A service flag, honoring the men in service, was made, and it was during her term of office that a tax of twenty-five cents was levied on members to be paid annually as dues. In May, 1919, the relic exhibit was moved to the State Capitol, where Governor Simon Bamberger had given space for the same. President Hayward was one of the greatest organizers, and was an active member until her death.

Carter, Kate B. 1949. Heart throbs of the West: Volume 10. Salt Lake City, Utah: Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

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