Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Elizabeth Hayward Memorabilia

Earlier this year, Wessman cousin Toni sent pictures of a large collection of Elizabeth Hayward memorabilia. It might be awhile before I am able to work them into a series of posts about her career as a politician and activist, but here is a small sample.

Elizabeth was evidently a delegate to the National Congress in support of the League of Nations after World War I and attended a convention to support its passage. I have not been able to find out where this conference was held, but Elizabeth traveled widely to attend many political conventions, and I do wish I had asked my grandparents for her collection of commemorative spoons from locations across the country and United States, which I believe has been split up among the extended family.

Elizabeth was one of the first women to serve as a delegate to a national political convention, the 1908 Democratic Convention in Denver, so this is rather a historical artifact. Here is a Wikipedia article mentioning her involvement.

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