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Henry Overson Missionary Journal: April 14-18, 1895

Petticoat Lane.

Sunday April 14th London. [Easter Sunday]

Arose quilt [quite] early and Bros Ogden Wood Winter and Jones and I went to have a look at Peticoat Lane from there went to hear the Rev [Joseph] Parker at the City temple [Holborn] and on our way back took in some interesting sights 230 [2:30] Attended Meeting Bros Jones Ogden and Wood occupied the time, after which we spent the time talking to a Spiritulist until 630 when Bro Winter and Pres Aveson gave their farewell address and two or three of us took a stroll down the City.

Royal Albert Hall with an inset showing the Albert Memorial. C. 1903.
Monday spent most of the day here at 36. the two Sisters Shortman and Cheney came in about 2 PM and we had a very nice time. in the evenin they with Bros Schoenfeld and others went to Madam Tusauds and Bros Wood Ogden Jones and I went down by the sights such as the Royal Tombs at Westminster. The Brompton Oratory Albert Hall and Memmorial and many others 1120 bid them Good Bye at St Pancras Station returning Home (Oh yes Herald Carter was with us)

Westminster Abbey.
Tuesday April 16th 95 London

Lovely weather spent most of the time at 36 however too, a short walk in the evening.

The British Museum.
Wednesday the 17 Still very fine About 10 A.M. accompanied Bro Scheonfeld to the Euston Stat[ion] and saw him off After which Herald Carter and I went to the British Museum. where we spent some time. After returning remained 36

Whitechapel in the 1890s.

Thursday April 18th 95.

After breakfast accompanied Eld Winter and Bro H. Carter to the Euston. saw them off. and Bro Wood and I took a walk out through Regents Park. passing the Zoo. went up on to Primrose Hill from which a splendid view of the Metropolis is had. thence back through the Park and on to 36. in the evening we went down Whitechapel in serch of a Book[.] Spent a couple of hours wandering round through the ^Dark^ Allies of that district seeing the Lights of Whitechapel [the Jack the Ripper murders happened a few years before this in Whitechapel]. Also saw the Crosby Hall built in 1466. the residence of "Edward [Richard] the third." in the evening attended meeting the time was occupied by Edrs Wood Dinwoody Overson and Pres Morris

An 1884 view of the interior of Crosby Hall, the residence of Richard III.

Photo of Petticoat Lane from Picture of Temple Church from Photo of Westminster Abbey from Photo of Whitechapel from Photo of Crosby Hall from

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