Friday, October 1, 2010

Jean Hayward Visits New York

This is Jean Hayward on her way to Europe. The woman to her left is probably Helen Kimball Tilton, who accompanied her niece Rita Jackman and Jean to Europe. 

Here is a picture of the three of them.

(L to R) Hazel Jean Hayward, Helen Kimball Tilton, and Rita Jackman.

Thanks, as always, to Emily and Norinne for the pictures.


  1. That's a wonderful picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. The angle of the shadows suggests that this was taken from the Manhattan end of the bridge, looking toward Brooklyn.

    Do you know whether they walked clear across the bridge? They could have taken a trolley back across from the Brooklyn side. That is no longer an option--the trolley tracks were removed in 1950.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mark. I was so busy trying to figure out if this was a picture of her trip to Europe or home from Europe, that I didn't even notice some of those details. I don't know too much about the details of the trip, so I don't know if they made it all the way across the bridge.

    I am also wondering now if that is Rita Jackman in the first photo, rather than Helen Kimball.

  3. Norinne said she took piano from Rita Jackman for many years. She also took them from Stella Beesley Dahlquist. She said Rita stayed in Europe for a year after Jean left to take classes to get a teaching certificate. When Jean was 68 yrs old, she went back to Rita to take lessons because she felt she was loosing her piano technique.Some of the songs she learned to play "to a wild rose" by Edward McDowell, and the Moonlight Sonata by beetoven and Clare de Lune.