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Henry Overson Missionary Journal: April 19-26, 1895

Friday April 19th 95 London.

Spent the fornoon at 36 after dinner Bro Wood and I went out to see the Primrose decoration at Lord Backonsfield Stat[ue] near the Abbey [April 19th was Primrose Day, the anniversary of the death of Former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Beaconsfield; see here]. the country round jamed with people then walked up the river to Victoria Bridge, crossing which brought us into Battersea Park where we spent some time, proceeding on to Walham Green went to no 19 where we met Bro Ayes folks all feeling fine also Bro and Sist [H. M.] Dinwoodey and Mary Young. After spending the evening very pleasantly we took train for Kings X [Cross] and arived here 1125

A Primrose Day celebration in London about 20 years later beneath the statue of Lord Beaconsfield. In the foreground, an old lady is selling primroses to a soldier.

Saturday the 20th

After seeing Bro ^Wood^ to the Holborn Via Assisted Bro Dinwoodey with the Books and Stars [Stats?] until 9 A.M. took a very short walk and spent the evening at 36 all by myself.

Sunday April 21st 95 London.

Arose about 930 A.M. remained at the office until 230 when attended meeting. then had some Tea and 630 Meeting again[.] Bro Dinwoodey and the Pres spoke to a well filled Hall. I went to Birds for Supper.

Monday April 22nd 95 London.

Remained at 36 most all day. in the evening went to Sist Allens where I met Alfred and Sophia Singleton and the folks all feeling well. And spent a very pleasant evening returning in the rain.

Tuesday Arose quite early and About 1030 Elds Beliston [John Belliston] and Park came in from the Nottingham Conference And I accompanied them out to see some of the sights and they took me to the Olympia in the evening. Came back by Hyde Park & Piccadilly.

Wednesday April 24th 95.

Storming nearly all day I spent the time there Writing.

Thursday April 25th 95.

A Reppitation of yesterday in the attended meeting Bro Ellis and President occupied the time

The Crystal Palace, London.
Friday April 26th 95.

Raining Hard All day went as pilate [pilot] to the Brothren and they took me to the Crystal Palace, returning about 730 they went to the Lyceam to hear Mr [Sir Henry] Irving and I came Home, and spent the evening.

Movie of Primrose Day from Picture of the Lord Beaconsfield Statue from . Picture of the Crystal Palace from

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