Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Henry Overson Missionary Journal: May 1-3, 1895

...went down through the town crossing over Ludgate Hill went up St Pauls       when I purchased some presents just near the Cathedral on up through the Cheapside to the Bank got some new money then Bus to the Angel. About 5 O clock with Bro [Henry Mills] D[inwoodey] went to No 19. by bus to Baker St walked along that to the Marble Arch thence through Hyde park on to Kensington St then finished our journey by Bus Spent the evening very pleasantly returning by underground railway about 11 Oclock

Thursday May 2nd 95. London.

Arose early fixed up ready for leaving about 230 in came the Sisters Crudgingtoms who spent a few minutes as we bid them Good Bye in Came a Couple of new Elders. [A. Saxey and Fred. W. Nicholls]                       they, the Pres[ident of the London Conference N. L. Morris,] Bro Dinwoodey and I went to the Express for dinner. After which Pres Morris[,] Dinwoodey and I got into a cab went to St Pancras Stat[ion] where I left for Luton they bid me Ta Ta and returned. I arrived at Luton after a very pleasant ride of an hour finding Miss Emery at 28. and in the evening Sist Hacking and Miss Jackson came in, after spending the evening very very nicely Minnie and I accompanied Sist Jackson Home. after which we took a little wander returning about bedtime

Luton, Bedfordshire, 30 miles north of London, in 1888.

Friday May 3rd 95 Luton.

Arose about 630 And Minnie and I went out for a Wander up the London Rd round and Back over the lawns The weather was just fine, the Country grand, and the Wander Lovely. Enjoyed it very much, indeed, returned had Breakfast and spent some time at the House 12. Oclock in came Miss Daisy who spent a short time and I accompanied her Home, and spent an hour with her. Bid her Good Bye and returned to 28. during my absence miss Rheoby Cheney had come in, had walked 7 miles and come a Shiling worth on the Train. just to bid me good Bye. And I was just ready to go but stayed a couple of minutes and missed my train so went back to 28 And spent a couple of hours 430 Minnie and her accompanied me to the Station where I bid them Good Bye Boarding the train for Birmingham changed at...

To be continued...
Map of Luton from Wikipedia.

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