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Henry Overson Missionary Journal: May 3-5, 1895

[Boarding the train for Birmingham changed at] Bedford went on passing through Rugby and [?] arriving at Brnm [Birmingham] about 835 took tram for Handsworth then walked nearly two miles carrying my grip found ^no^ 42. About 950 and all the Brorthern being out walked the streets until eleven oclock when the old Gentlement in the shop next door let me in. where I spent the time reading the news until About 1230 when Pres Patterson and some of the other Brothren came in. had a short chat, and Pres Patterson and I went out where he had a Bed. engaged

Saturday May 4th 95 Birmingham

Arose early and after going to the office for Breakfast went out with Pres Patterson to see the sights of town passing some very fine buildings and streets went by the Town Hall to the Museum and Art Gallery where we spent some time thence to the market And about 330 Went to Brothers Pakses where we met the family also Miss Nellie who Accompanied us to the Batanical Gardens where we spent the afternoon and evening very pleasantly attend the Concert of the May Day fest. heard some fine singing. some splended Dancing by a number of small Girls who Braided the Pole and crowned the Queen. which was very nice they being so very nicely uniformed. Dressed

Returning and retiring at 42 about 11. Oc[lock].

Sunday May 5th 95 Brnm [Birmingham]

Arose quite early the weather being fine as it had been all the week. spent some time here then Pres Patterson Holey and Walker Whome I accompanied went out to hold a meeting on the St. Pres Patterson gave them a fine discourse to a few restless listeners. After which we went to Paskses for dinner. 12 Oclock attended priesthood meeting at the L.D.S. Chapel. which lasted until the afternoon meeting comenced
Bro Spokes presiding after singing and Prayer the Pres called Bro Walker to speak after which the sacrament was administered then he called the writer up, who spoke about 15 or twenty minutes. then the pres spoke a few minutes and dismissed by Pres Pat. thence back to Paks for tea.

1891 Birmingham map from Freepages on Rootsweb.

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