Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A letter from Eva Overson to her father Henry Overson

New Hall N.A.N.S. [Northern Arizona Normal School, now Northern Arizona University]

Mr Henry C Overson
St Johns

Box 162

Flagstaff, Arizona
July 8, 1917

Dear Daddy—

     Tomorrow is your birthday and I wish you many many happy returns of the day.

     I am just home from Sunday School we hold it in the Public school building.

     The summer rains have begun and it rains nearly every day just little showers all of a sudden like it always does in the mountains. we walked a little way out in the pines and gathered all kind of wild flowers.

     On the third there was a big parade the school being the biggest part, which was all the Fourth of July I saw as I stayed here all day and their dances were down town on the street.

     There were Indians here by the score, for the celebration, of several different tribes.

     There are about two hundred enrolled in school about seventeen boys, only. [This was three months after the United States declared war on Germany.] The rest old maids and girls, just enough to show there is such a thing they say over ninety have gone from here to the border.

     The other day I met Sr Bates [probably Sarah Wakefield Bates] who lived in Brigham City [Arizona] she said she remembered you boys and said to remember her to you and Grandpa and Grandma [Ove and Mary Overson]. She is here from Taylor (or somewhere over there) visiting her daughter [probably Mary Elizabeth Bates Smith Baldwin].

     The bell is ringing for dinner and the mail leaves now so will close so it will go out today.

     How are you all and what are you doing?

          Love to all


Photo of the old main building at NANS from Wikipedia.

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