Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elizabeth Hayward Causes: The 1900 Utah Elections

My time line of the life of Elizabeth Hayward, which I will post at some future date, notes that she was elected to the city council in 1895 for one term. I'm not sure what a term was in Salt Lake City at that time. One year? Two years? Four years? That was the year that her youngest child, John Ewing, was born, so it would have been a very busy year for her.

Five years later, she was heavily involved in the Utah elections. Here are some of the ribbons from the different conventions that year. They are largely self-explanatory.

Delegate—Democratic County Convention.—Feb. 24, 1900

Delegate—Democratic State Convention.—March 1, 1900

Alternate—Democratic State Convention.—September 6, 1900

Delegate—Democratic County Convention—Sept. 14-15, 1900

So 1900 would have been another busy year with four children at home: Jean, who was 13 that year, Leah Merle, who would turn 11 that year and would live for another five years before dying in 1905, Bess, who was eight that year, and John, who was five.

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