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Glade 2: William Lester Glade, Part 3

Lester and Lucile, 1922.

On April 12, 1922, Lester took his mother and father, his sister Mary, and Ben Walton to the Temple for Ben and Mary to be married. That night at the reception, Lester was Ben's best man and afterwards took the newlyweds to the Hotel Utah.

Just before Lucile and Lester were married in 1923, Mary Walton gave Lucile a shower at her home at 1549 Emerson Avenue. All the married members of the Glade Club were invited. The Glade Club was organized at a shower for Mary at Zina Glade's home on Ramona Avenue. The Glade Club is all members of the Glade family. It still meets every April and October in Salt Lake City. [Anyone know if it's still meeting?]

On June 6, 1923, Lester and Lucile were married in the Salt Lake Temple by Joseph Fielding Smith, who was president of the temple at that time, and is now tenth president of the Church. [That means that this history was written between 1970 and 1972. I couldn't tell since it had been retyped. I assume this history was written by Beverly. Anyone know?] Lucile was born April 14, 1898, the fourth child of Henry Green and Mary Isabel Pettit. A reception was held in the Green home at 127 'F' Street that evening.

Lester and Lucile honeymooned in Provo at Vivian Park (and also went to visit the insane asylum), and to see the Telluride Electric Company power station at the mouth of Provo Canyon where Lester had his first job. 

At "The Ranch" with friends. 

Their first home was at 331 'C' Street in Salt Lake City, The Glade Apartments, which had been the old home of the Glade family. They lived in the second floor front apartment for almost one year. Lester was M.I.A. President and Lucile taught a class of girls in Y.W.M.I.A. Lester's sisters Melissa and Florence were in her class. Lester, at this time, worked for Z.C.M.I. wholesale hardware as a buyer. Lucile continued to work at White House Furniture....she naturally bought a living room set, a dining room set and a bedroom set at that time.

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Lester belonged to a group called the Building Society, and had acquired enough money in the group to purchase two lots on Sherman Avenue, way out southeast at that time from downtown Salt Lake City. Lester and Lucile spent many happy ours planning their new home at 1421 Sherman Avenue. Howard Layton, whose wife was Lucile's sister Leone, was just going into the building business, and he built this home and one for the Laytons adjacent at 1427 Sherman Avenue. Lucile, as of this writing, still lives in this lovely, six room home [1,316 square feet, 3 bedroom, 1 bath on a 0.14 acre lot].

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  1. I remember Grandma talking about the 2 homes on Sherman Ave. She said they were the same floor plans, just flipped so they were the mirror images of each other. There was a small path between the homes that was well worn. If I remember correctly, the side doors faced each other.