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Glade 2: William Lester Glade, Part 5

Lucile and Lester.

Lester and Lucile shared a love of the gospel and working in the church. They supported each other in every calling to serve. Lester was President of the Y.M.M.I.A., also in the presidency, a genealogy chairman, in the Elders presidency, Seventies presidency, and a Temple worker for twelve years. He was a real enthusiastic worker, always eager and available to help the cause of Jesus Christ. The ward vegetable garden grew so well during World War II because Lester alone would keep it going. Lucile served as a teacher in Seminary, MIA, Primary, Sunday School, and religion class when she was 14. She was also Principal of the Seminary and Relief Society President and Secretary in that organization.

The children will always remember their father up early reading from the Doctrine and Covenants. He was always doing genealogy in his spare time, in fact he made time to do genealogy. He was an ideal Latter-day Saint. He loved his wife and family and was very proud of their accomplishments. The gospel was very important to him. He never passed up an opportunity to tell his friends and business acquaintances about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He loved anything of a cultural nature—music, opera, theater, art or great speakers. Lester was very intelligent. He was deeply patriotic. He was very thoughtful and considerate of other peoples [sic] needs and wants. His personality wasn't showy or outgoing—more quiet and reserved, but on occasion he would cut-up or joke and be a lot of fun. He was sincere and not prone to flattery. He didn't show his feelings and did not become angry. He could write well and earlier in his life wrote poetry.

 Labor Day picnic, 1944. 
Left to Right: Beverly, Jack Green, Eliza Turner Green, Bob, Marjorie, Lester, Lucile.

Lester at the Labor Day picnic, 1944.

A blow came to Lester and Lucile when they found out he had Leukemia. For eight long years Lucile took care of him patiently, untiringly, and devotedly. Doctors tried many experiments as a cure on Lester, but none were effective. Through their faith, he was privileged to send his son on a mission, a life-long dream. Just ten days after Bob's return from the Great Lakes Mission, Lester passed away June 18, 1952. He only knew four of his seventeen grandchildren, and was so proud and happy to show them off.

Left to Right: Lester holding Ann, Beverly, Bob, Marjorie and unknown.

A few remarks from his funeral services are as follows:

Patriarch Rulon Sperry said, "I have never known a more Christ-like man than Lester Glade. He never spoke unkindly of anyone or made any derogatory remarks or criticized anyone. He never told unfit stories. Lester was always willing to help when needed. Lester was a man of great faith. He wanted to always serve the Lord."

Bishop Parkinson said, "Lester was a devoted family man; he had a miraculous will to live. He was a genial, friendly man and had a great sense of humor. Lester fulfilled the three great purposes of life: Living the gospel and teaching it to his family; Preaching to others; and Redeeming the dead."

 Lester with his father, William John Glade, on Father's Day, 1945.

Bryant S. Hinckley said, "Their home was a good home. He never did anything spectacular, but lived a clean, virtuous life. He was an honest, kindly, modest man."

Spencer W. Kimball concluded the funeral services with a gospel sermon and said, "Here today is a part of heaven... Death is a great release and part of the plan of exaltation."

Lester has a glorious place in heaven!

Thanks to my mother for the copies of all the pictures. Next will be the entire text of the funeral service, and then on to a biography of Lucile Green Glade.

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