Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A Look Back at 2010

2010 was quite a year. There were wonderful parts including a trip to Utah to see family and friends. I got to meet Bessie, a cousin in the Morgan line, and spend some time with her looking at the Morgan collection at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah. 

I've also gotten to know some other cousins including a number of Wessman second cousins, and a Cripps cousin from London. That's been fun!

I have very much appreciated all the materials that family members have collected and sent. Emily and Toni have been particularly helpful this past year. I am very grateful for my readers and cousins who help keep this project going.

It is great to be able to collect the materials and provide it online for all of the many descendants of these families who now live all around the world. I always enjoy reading comments from family members who have found this blog through a web search, and I'm always happy to post new documents and pictures and stories of ancestors and their direct descendants. Please feel free to contact me at amy ancestorfiles (that's all one word) at gmail dot com with questions, additional information, pictures, etc.

2010 also had some sad times, including the death of my niece Allison. We are happy to have the knowledge provided by the gospel of Jesus Christ that we will see her again, but her entire extended family is still reeling from her death. Of course none of us feel the loss as much as her parents and sisters and brothers do, and our thoughts and prayers continue with them, as with all others who have suffered loss and hardship this past year.

A Look Forward to 2011

With the turning over of the calendar, it is time to start posting about the Glade family. The Glade family three generations back (Beverly, her parents and grandparents) were very much Salt Lake City people.

A generation or two back finds ancestors from Devonshire, Derbyshire, and Yorkshire (England); Glamorganshire (South Wales); Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, Dumfriesshire, Argyllshire, and Ayrshire (Scotland); Upper Canada; and Long Island (New York).

We will be hearing about adventures crossing the ocean, the Down and Back Wagon Trains, the Gold Rush, a dramatic escape in disguise, the Battle of Trafalgar, early Dutch settlement in New York, joys and tragedies, and at least one murder.

I am looking forward to sorting through my old files and collecting the stories and pictures here. I'm also particularly looking forward to learning more about the Scottish branch of the family.

As well as posting on the Glade line, I will continue to post on any of the other three family lines when something comes up. It will be a wonderful year here at Ancestor Files!

The picture of the country road from The picture of Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City is from

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  1. Thank you, Amy! We sure enjoy the blessings from your work!

    Thank you also to the other family members who contribute!