Monday, January 24, 2011

John Tanner Biography: Birth Record

Thanks to my dad, who tells the story of finding the record at Genealogy's Star, this is a photo of John Tanner's original birth record.

This // of the birth of Joshua Tanner & his wife Thankful.
children — Mary Tanner was born March 10th Day Ad 1776
John Tanner was born August 15th Day Ad — 1778 —
Entered Dec. 1 Ad 1779 By — Abel Tanner Town Clerk
Thankful Tanner was born December 20th AD — 1880.
Susannah Tanner was born May 2nd AD — 1783.
Elizabeth Tanner was born December 25th AD — 1785.
Esther Tanner was born May 10th — AD — 1788
Pardon Tanner was born March 23 — AD — 1791.

Entered on Record May 13th.
AD 1791 — —
By Caleb Potter T. Clerk

John Tanner was born on August 15, 1778 in Hopkinton, Washington County, Rhode Island. Also listed in the record: parents Joshua and Thankful (Tefft) Tanner, and siblings Mary, Thankful, Susannah, Elizabeth, Esther, and Pardon. Brothers Francis, Joshua and William are not listed. John was the second of ten children, five boys and five girls.

John Tanner's birth is also listed in the database Rhode Island Births, 1636-1930, as found on

Photograph used by permission.

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