Friday, January 21, 2011

Lester Glade Funeral, Part 4

Rulon Sperry's talk continued...

While I was serving as Bishop of this Ward, he doesn't know it, but there has [sic] been members who have told me of his generosity and it has cost him considerable sums of money too. I didn't get it from him. Several years ago he happened to be at the Holy Cross Hospital when a member of the Bishopric of this Ward was brought in who had met with a very serious accident that later proved fatal. Seeing Brother George Ross brought in on a stretcher with a broken leg, he immediately seeing there was a lack of help at that time at the hospital, put forth every effort to give assistance and help. He stayed there for hours, right at Brother George Ross's side in the hospital. A few hours later when I heard of the accident and rushed to the hospital Brother Glade had left. The first thing Brother Ross said; Brother Glade, Brother Lester Glade has been here and you will never know the help and kindness he displayed here during the first few hours that I was in the hospital, giving every help and attention that he could possibly give. He said I will be eternally greatful [sic] for the goodness of that man. Well, Lester didn't go around and tell what he had done there, you can always get those things from others.

I appreciate my association with this good man. I consider it as a personal loss We have enjoyed his companionship in a study group to which he belonged, he and his wife, the group from this Ward, and others close by for the past 15 years. We certainly will miss his presence and his association here.

He was a great character. He suffered long but bore it with patience, never complaining. He had faith that he would get well. He had great faith, I've never seen greater faith displayed, but I am sure that his feelings and sentiment were as the spirit of the song that was rendered so beautifully by Sister Jessie Smith.

He was willing to do what the Lord wanted him to do, that was his spirit, his attitude, his feelings. It will be a wonderful thing to me if I can some day be in the presence of the old Prophets and Apostles that walked and knew the Saviour. With Joseph of old and the great character Nephi, and Alma, the Prophet Joseph Smith and these good men, the Apostles in this dispensation. It will be a wonderful experience to be with them some day in the hereafter. But if I can be permitted to associate and to have as a bosom companion such plain and simple folk as Lester Glade and his kind, that's all that I'll ever ask for. It was good to be in his presence. He was good company. Lucille [sic] and Les and my wife during the past few years, during his sickness, have taken several one day trips around and in various places close by. Those experiences have been sweet and I am glad we had them.

The Lord bless his family. I shall always revere and cherish his association for I loved him as a brother. The Lord bless you Lucille [sic], Beverly, Marge and Robert. Your friends are with you as far as it is possible, willing to give you support. But we know that from a certain point that you will have to go alone, but there is a God in Heaven who gives comfort and solace and he will be with you, I know. Lord bless this fine Glade family. Sister Glade, the Lord bless you and your children, his brothers and sisters. He loved them. May the peace of the Lord be with us all, I pray in the name of Jesus . . . . Amen:

To be continued...

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