Friday, January 28, 2011

Lester Glade Funeral, Part 6

Remarks By - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Elder Spencer W. Kimball

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters: I think that here is Heaven. A funeral is a glorious experience, here gathered together the sweetest singers, the most delightful people and here everyone has a singleness of heart. No [soul] comes to this meeting with conflicts. Everyone is full of love, sympathy and understanding, and I think when the Lord sends his angel to part the curtains of the [veil] that we get a little glimpse on the other side. Perhaps at no time in our lives, unless it would be in the Holy Temple, do we come closer to the infinite, closer to our Heavenly Father, closer to those who have gone before, than we do at a funeral service.

I hope that I may be able to go to a place and to a condition where there will be people like Brother Glade and his family and you good folks. I hope that there will be where I should go, the singleness of heart and the singleness of thought. I hope that I will go where Sister Jessie Smith will be so that throughout all the eternities I can hear that beautiful voice. I hope I'll go where these lovely ladies go, who play so beautifully on these violins. I think there will be violin music in Heaven. And I should like to be where Brother and Sister McMaster sing throughout eternity. I think if their voices could be improved, they will be, perfected in the eternities. I think they will get joy in bringing satisfaction and peace to us throughout the eternities. And then I'm glad for Brother Sperry and his closeness to Brother Glade. I've always wished I had the eloquence of Brother Hin[c]kley, and his depth of feeling. He's kind of an ideal to me; and then you good folks.
I think that frequently on the earth we get a taste of Heaven, we feel its nearness, its beauties, its ecstasies. I think that's true here today. I have thought that maybe the angels weren't far away today for I think I have never felt a sweeter spirit than is here today.

To be continued...

(President Kimball served in the Central States Mission at the same time as Lester Glade, so they were acquaintances from several decades prior to the funeral.)

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