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Lucy Lucile Green Glade, Part 2

When Lucile was 16 months old (October 1899), Mary Isabell gave birth to another daughter, Ethel Rebecca, who died a year later (September 1900).

On April 1, 1905, Mary Isabell was doing spring cleaning. She wanted to have the curtains cleaned and rehung and all the other heavy jobs done before the next baby was born two months later. However, labor started prematurely and she called Henry to take her to the hospital. Her daughter Mildred, the first baby to be born in the LDS hospital, was delivered successfully but Mary Isabell hemorrhaged and died three hours later. [1] She left five children including the new baby. Lucile in her old age remembered her mother wearing a red with black print shirtwaist with a peplum, a long black wool skirt and an apron from the waist to below her knees.

Henry was bitter about his wife’s death and claimed the doctor was negligent and incompetent. Lucile remembers riding in the funeral director’s carriage home from the cemetery and stopping at the LDS Hospital to pick up the new baby.

Henry Green and family several months after the death of Mary. 
Left to right, Back: Will, Mildred, Henry, Harry; Front, Leone and Lucile.

Baby Mildred was raised in the Pettit home across the street. The Pettits had a large family and all the aunts doted on caring for Mildred, although Aunt Lily was in charge of her. If Mildred got upset at something or someone she would pack her little trunk and walk across the street to live with the Greens. When she got upset at home she’d pack her trunk again and go back to Grandma Pettit’s home. So back and forth till one day when she was about twelve years old her father said, “This is the last time! Your home is here!”


[1] Mary's brother, Will Pettit, a medical doctor, noted in Pettit Peregrinations that Mary died of placenta previa. This condition is very difficult to deal with and even with all the modern medical advances, American women still die from it.

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