Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lucy Lucile Green Glade, Part 11

John and Beverly's Wedding, 1944. Bob, Marjorie, Beverly, Lester, Lucile.

Lucile had a group of friends from University Mothers Club who bowled together and once a month Saturday afternoon cards. Lucile was a very good bowler and received many awards. She was a hospital volunteer “Pink Lady” once a week. During World War II she went to work for the Selective Service as an office worker. It was about this time in 1943 that her husband Lester was diagnosed with lymphatic leukemia.

Marjorie, Ann, and Lucile, August 1946. 
Thanks to Judy and Ann, the dog is fondly remembered as Ginger.

She was a tour guide at the Lion House in Salt Lake City. Dad and Mother went to the Highland Stake Dance for years. They were formal dances at the Edgehill Ward Gym with a live band. They traveled together on some of Lester’s business trips to the East and West Coast....

Roger, Lucile, and Ann, Summer 1948.

Lucile became Relief Society President after Lester died. She served under Bishop Preston Parkinson. She was a good leader, good organizer, considerate, kind and a tireless worker. She served about three years. She also taught Sunday School for several years. She enjoyed church work and was faithful to her callings.

Lucile Glade, Gwen Winder, Ned Winder, 1957.

Our home was clean and neat. Mother and Dad loved beautiful things in their home. It was nicely furnished. They upgraded the kitchen with additional cupboards, new stove and sink and refrigerator. Her working area was small but always clean and neat. She enjoyed entertaining and was very proficient. Her food was delicious and looked appetizing. She served 5 to 35 with calmness and smiles.

Lucile and Ann, 1945.

Mother always kept herself looking clean and neat. She wore makeup and had her hair fixed. She made many of her own clothes. She was an excellent seamstress and made lovely clothes. She used to sew for Marjorie and Beverly. She was still telling us what to wear as teenagers. We had other ideas but somehow always wore her choice until we made our own money and then did our own shopping. Lucile enjoyed hand work of all kinds. She was a very good quilter, knitted, crocheted, embroidery, anything with her hands. She was always exacting, artistic and diligent. She loved to make Christmas special with a gift to each one in the family. She was very thoughtful of birthday gifts to each. As she got older she would visit and do up some dishes or help in some way. She always had dinner at Marge’s or Bev’s on Sunday.

Lucile with her family, 1960.
Front row: Vicki Dalgleish, Rebecca Glade, David Wessman, Craig Wessman.
Middle row: Tami Dalgleish, Marjorie Glade Dalgleish, Scott Dalgleish,
Lucile Glade, Charlotte Glade, Bob Glade, Robin Glade, Loa Don Glade.
Back Row: Beverly Glade Wessman, Ann Wessman, John Wessman, Roger Wessman,
Richard Wessman. Hyrum Dalgleish was the photographer.

Lucile and grandchildren, November 1966.
Front Row: Danny Glade, Mark Wessman, Lucile Glade, Paul Dalgleish, Marie
Middle row of children: Robin Glade, Vicki Dalgleish, Rebecca Glade,
Charlotte Glade, Danny Glade or Scott Dalgleish, Tami Dalgleish.
Back row: Richard Wessman, Ann Wessman, James Tanner.

When Bev and John had prospects of five missionaries she thought teaching people to gold leaf would be a good income to send the boys on missions. She got support from Marge and Hye and Bob and LoaDon and Lucile. We each put in $100 and Lucile $200. Glade Specialties was born. Mother was anxious to help and she did help. She saw all nine of her grandsons go on missions. She went on buying trips to California with us. She worked at the shop, painted, gold leafed, cleaned. She was always helping even to buying a Dees hamburger for us for lunch very often.

Lester and Lucile in Hawaii.

Lucile and Lester had some nice vacations together. Their last one was to Hawaii. Dad wasn’t well but it was worthwhile to visit the romantic, beautiful isles together. This was in October 1951. Robert was on a mission to the Central States. Dad passed away the next June.

Lucile and Lester were very compatible. They treated each other with respect and love and were thoughtful of each other. Lester broke away from ZCMI wholesale hardware manager and became a sales representative. He did very well. The war changed things as manufacturing of metal hardware was slowed down but his account with Boyle Manufacturing and U.S. Steel made good money because they had government contracts and stayed active in manufacturing. Dad sold all he could get. Mother always tried to get Dad to take an office downtown but he liked working out of the home.

The ship's passenger list for Lucile's 1953 trip to Europe.

A Queen Elizabeth II coronation postcard from Lucile's trip to England in 1953.

Pisa, April 23, 1953. Women identified as Mrs. Rasmusson, Mrs. Ralphs, Mrs. Thurman, Mrs. Skeen, Mrs. Glade, Mrs. Sandberg. (Did they call each other "Mrs."?)

Lucile made the best of her time no matter what the circumstances. After Dad’s death she went to Europe on a tour with Clawson Travel. It was about this time that travel tours got going well. From then on she went on smaller trips. She even worked for Chi Tours and took a tour group to Hawaii for Chi. Her friendly spirit and efficiency in organizing and taking responsibility so well made her well-suited for this type of work.

Lucile's tour to Hawaii with Chi Tours.

Lucile always was faithful to the Savior’s teachings. She attended her meetings and supported the authorities. She paid a full tithe all her life. She was very kind and thoughtful of others. We truly loved her and admire her for her strength, physically, morally and mentally. She lived a good life and was good to everyone, especially her family.

To be continued...


  1. Roger says that the dog's name was Ginger! Love these pictures, many I have not seen before! love you, Aunt Judy

  2. Thanks to Ann, we have the identity of all the family members listed, and thanks to Ann and Judy for sending notes about Ginger. Ann says, "You really need to put in the dog's name, Ginger. I loved her and played
    with her a lot as a young baby and toddler when we lived there."