Friday, March 11, 2011

The Winder Family

Here are a few more pictures of some Green relatives from the family album.

 Ned and Gwen Winder wedding, 1948.

Ned and Gwen Winder wedding, 1948.

Marjorie Glade (Dalgleish) at the Winder wedding.

This photo is labeled as "Jay and Eva Layton at Winder Wedding."

Ted Winder, 1949.

Christmas Greeting, 1951. (?)

Manti Temple Trip, 1958 or 1959. From left: John Wessman, Ned Winder, Gwen Winder.


  1. It's a small world! The Winders were in my parents' ward and Ned sealed most of my brothers before he passed away. How is it they are related?

  2. Hi Coralee! Gwen is Beverly's first cousin. Their mothers, Leone Green Layton and Lucile Green Glade, were sisters. Ned also sealed a couple of my sisters.

  3. These were fun to see! Thanks/ Ted Winder