Friday, April 22, 2011

William and Annie Glade in the Census

William and Annie Glade married in 1893. They are found in the following censuses. The 1940 and 1950 censuses, which would also list them, are not yet available online.

1900. They first show up at 327 C Street with three children: William Lester, Mary, and Beulah. They are living next door to James Glade's widows: Eliza Litson Glade (William John's mother) and Isabel Love Glade.

1910. By the next census they have eight children: Lester, Mary, Beulah, Harvey, Virginia, Elizabeth, Melissa, and James. William John was born in Utah, of course, and the census shows that Annie was naturalized in 1884, which would be when her father became a citizen. As a child in the family, she would assume the same citizenship status as her father, James Harris Hamilton.

1920. This census shows all eleven living children living at home. William and Annie's son Edwin was born in 1912 and died in 1916, so he did not show up on a census. The oldest child Lester had recently returned from his mission and service in the war and had not yet married Lucile Green. Glade Grandmother Eliza Litson Glade had recently died, but Isabell Love Glade was still alive; in her last year of life, to be exact.

1930. At the time of this census, there were six children still living at home with their middle-aged parents. The children ranged from ages 32 to 12. The two oldest daughters were working as stenographers.

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