Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Matrilineal Chart for Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, here is a chart of matrilineal descent, with pictures where possible. I have joked any number of times that my matrilineal line goes straight back to Scotland, and that's where I got all my qualities of frugality and thrift. 

I have never looked at the records past Isabella Hood Hill and I cannot say if the genealogy is correct past that point. 

Happy Mother's Day!

My mother with her mother, Beverly Lucille Glade Wessman (1924-2008)

Beverly's mother was Lucy Lucile Green Glade (1898-1980)

Lucile's mother was Mary Isabell Pettit Green (1866-1905)

Mary's mother was Rebecca Hood Hill Pettit (1845-1922)

Rebecca's mother was Isabella Hood Hill (1821-1847)

Isabella's mother was Margaret Jane Bisland Hood (1791-1856)

Margaret's mother may have been Agnes Pollack Bisland (abt 1755- )

The picture from the gate of the Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery where Isabella Hood Hill is buried is from The picture of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, where Margaret Hood evidently spent her last years is from The photo of the Robert Burns Statue in Glasgow, Scotland, where Margaret Hood was born, is from Burns would have been a contemporary of Agnes Bisland.


  1. Loved this. This line (well, my own equivalent of it) is the one I would most like to know about; it's also the shortest and least well documented. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. you have an agnes in your family! i've been pestering christian to okay that name for years... he still hasn't come around!