Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memories of Henry Green, Part 4 of 4

A Tribute to Grandpa

By Marilyn Green Lund

It is a great pleasure to reflect back upon my early childhood days, and my visits to Grandpa’s home, seeing his ready smile and loving welcome. They are very pleasant memories to recall.

Many times in later life I have thought how very grateful I am for having known Grandpa, as not many children are blessed with “living” grandparents. I’ll always remember the love and concern he had for his family as well as for others. As young as I was, this was most evident to me.

I can still see everyone around the dining room table for special family dinners, and the laughter in the living room where all the cousins were gathered playing, or singing around the player piano, and the fun we had in the attic playing dress-up and games. This seemed to make Grandpa happy too.

All in all, they were and still are most pleasant memories of my days at Grandpa’s.


My Remembrances of Henry Green

By Lucy Green

One of my very nicest remembrances of Harry’s father (I called him father always) is that whenever he greeted me he always put his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Lucy we love you!”

As the English are noted for their “cup of tea” Father came to our house on Emerson Avenue on several occasions unannounced at lunch time and if I wasn’t prepared for anything special he would say it would be nice to have just a piece of toast and a cup of tea which we had together in our very small breakfast room and he would reminisce about old times.

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