Sunday, August 14, 2011

The John Tanner Daguerreotype

Recently, a picture was added to Ancestry with a note that it is a daguerreotype of the Mormon pioneer John Tanner. I have spent quite a bit of time tracking the image down, have very much enjoyed getting to meet some interesting and very nice people in the process, and will eventually write a blog post on the subject of the image and the identification of the people in the image. It's been a very interesting project!


  1. I have just stumbled upon your wonderful blog this evening and am looking for a picture or daguerreotype of John Tanner, who is my 6th great grandfather. I am related to him through Sidney Tanner! Would you be willing to provide me with a copy of that picture of possible? My name is Ranee Hansen and my email is! :0)

  2. My name is Sandy Nelson LeSueur. I am the lady that first brought this picture of John Tanner to your dads attention at the Mesa Family History Center. I am really excited to hear the rest of the story.
    I come through Seth Benjamin. My great greadmother names is Charlotte Annie Tanner Nelson. She was the mid wife in Taylor AZ for years and has quite an interesting story. Are you familiar with her? I believe her story is in Pioneer Women of AZ.I was hoping you might have more info on her. If interested I could send you what I have on her. She is the daughter of Seth B.
    Thanks for all you do.Your blog is great!
    Sandy Lesueur

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the picture, Sandy. I've had quite an adventure tracking it down and will write a post about it when I get some more information, which will hopefully be very soon.

    I'll email separately about the Seth Tanner family. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I am curious about the picture & the info you have found out about it. John Tanner is my 2nd great grand father thru John Joshua's son William Smith.
    Please let me know what you have found.

    Jeanette Tanner Webb

  5. I would like more info on Charlotte Annie Tanner Nelson. I can't find the history you mentioned. She's not a direct ancestor of my husband but a second wife of an ancestor and no one in his family has information on her. It looks like she had a rough life. I'm just trying to tie up loose ends.

  6. I really need to know what you found out about this picture. I wonder if it is one that I ran across on the FB page of a Ben Tanner. Does it have Elizabeth Beswick, a younger lady and a young boy in it as well as a man? The family who posted it believe it is John Tanner but I can't believe that it is as John and Elizabeth were separated by at least 30 years in age and this man does not look old enough. I am descended through John's son Sidney. Please email me at
    Heidi Baldwin Ashworth

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  8. Hi. I would love to have that photo. Please direct me on how to find it. I'm kind of new at geneology. Any help would be great. John Tanner is my 5th great grandpa and I'm related through Sidney Tanner. My email is I just found your blog and thank you for all your searching :)

  9. For anyone who lands on this post by google, please see the following:

    The Tanner Family Daguerreotype: Conclusion

    Unfortunately the daguerreotype is not a picture of John Tanner.