Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tracing Mormon Pioneer Ancestors: RootsWeb

In the last post I mentioned RootsWeb. I realize that there are additional sites for online family trees including geni.com, myheritage.com, tribalpages.com and others. I prefer RootsWeb since it doesn't require a membership (free or paid) and it shows the contact information for the person who placed the family tree on the site.

Since I wrote the last post, I saw a family tree on RootsWeb called "Litson Family Devon to the World." This family tree has been put online by a Litson cousin in Australia. Her file currently contains 1143 entries, including Richard and Frances Litson. There is some additional information included on this family tree including census entries and occupation.

Additionally, the note that Richard was a railway worker may provide a clue as to why he was born in Devon, but married a woman from 175 miles away in Glamorganshire, Wales.

How lovely to have a collection showing so many Litsons. This could eventually help to put the family together in England and elsewhere. Finds like this are why I keep using RootsWeb as a research source.

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