Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Times Behind the Scenes at TheAncestorFiles

Posts have been rather sporadic here for a little while since I am working full speed on editing a chapter for the Women of Faith in the Latter Days project. The chapter will consist of an edited autobiography of Ann Prior Jarvis.

My kind siblings and mother typed up one of the versions of Ann Prior Jarvis's autobiographies, a copy of which was serendipitously posted on and then sent to me by email by David Bond. Thanks again to all of you!

Documentary editing could potentially be a tedious process, but luckily the subject matter here is so fascinating that I have not lost interest in the least. I have really appreciated New Family Search for this project, because it has made it surprisingly easy to identify some of the people mentioned in the autobiography.

Besides the time necessary for this project, I have a number of other major projects in the works, as well as the requirements of family life, so going forward, looking at the schedule for TheAncestorFiles, I usually try to post something each weekday, but will most likely post just a few times a week on the following topics through the end of the year:
  • Tracing Mormon Pioneer Ancestors, Starring the Richard and Frances Litson Family
  • Biographies of the Four Litson Children
  • The Letters Written Home to Wales after Eliza and Joan Jeanetta Litson Arrived in Utah
  • The Remainder of Mary Isabell Pettit's 1890 Diary
  • The Life and Death of James Glade
  • The History of Isabella Love Glade
  • The History of the Hamilton Family
  • The History of the Green Family
  • The History of the Marsden Family
  • The History of the Hill Family
  • A Famous Utah Photo, or, Boy, You Look Distinguished in Stripes, Grandpa
  • Some Famous (Or Infamous, as the Case May Be) Relatives
  • The Lanark Society Settlers
  • George Jarvis and the Opium Wars
  • Cholera in London, the Birth of Modern Epidemiology, and Why I Am Mentioning It Here
And, hopefully, before the end of the year:
  • The John Tanner Daguerreotype
Lots of fun stuff coming up! Happy times!

And one additional note: this weekend my family and I will be attending the broadcast of the groundbreaking for the Philadelphia Temple. The Temple (A) will be just blocks from the place (B) where Samuel Linton first heard the gospel preached in 1856:

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