Monday, October 3, 2011

Mary Pettit Green's Watch

Mary Pettit kept a diary in 1890 which detailed her courtship with Henry Green. On her birthday, July 9, she noted the following:
9 July – Wednesday
This has been another hot day. I arose early went to work. The day passed slowly. I walked home with Harry. He came down later in the evening and found me ironing. H. gave me a present of the handsomest watch I ever seen. I felt that words could not express my thanks for the same. We sat on the porch untill late.
And here are some pictures of the beautiful watch which a descendant of Mary Pettit Green photographed the other day. Many thanks to her for taking the pictures and sending them so we can see why Mary was still feeling delighted the next day:
10 July – Thursday
This morning I feel so happy and lazy that I don’t feel like going to work but I went never the less....

Mary I. Pettit
S. L. City
July 9—90

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