Monday, December 5, 2011

Mary Hancock Marsden Emigration

 Mary Ann Hancock Marsden

I ordered a copy of a history of James Marsden from the DUP. He was the son of Charles and Mary Ann Hancock Marsden and the brother of Lucy Marsden Green. Some of the information in the history about his emigration and that of his Marsden family may be confused with the emigration of another James Marsden. I am still trying to piece the puzzle together. As far as I can tell, Mary Hancock Marsden emigrated in 1866 on the ship St. Mark. Here is the immigration record, and a link to her entry in the Mormon Migration Index.

Mary Marsden, 59, England, is on the fourth line, followed by Eliza Marsden, 17 or 19, spinster. This record is from the New York Passenger Lists for the ship St. Mark with an arrival date of July 24, 1866. Mary is listed in the same family as James Whinham (Mormon Migration's transcription) or Whonham ('s transcription). I do not know who this is! Time to do some remedial research on this family!

To be continued...

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