Friday, December 16, 2011

The Members of the Mormon Battalion

After spending much longer than should be necessary searching for a list of the members of the Mormon Battalion, here is a link to the only one I have found online. It was compiled by Carl V. Larson and is comprehensive. Many thanks to him for providing the list.

Several members of the families featured on this blog were in the Battalion, but no direct ancestors. 

Family Members in the Battalion

Marcus DeLafayette Shepherd (son of Samuel Shepherd)
Hamilton Swarthout (stepson of Samuel Shepherd)
Nathan Swarthout (stepson of Samuel Shepherd)
Albert Tanner (son of John Tanner)
Myron Tanner (son of John Tanner)

The statue of the Mormon Battalion soldier is by Edward Fraughton and is in Presidio Park, San Diego, California. Picture from Wikipedia.

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