Tuesday, September 25, 2012

High Society St. Johns, c. 1937

Here is a good percentage of the town of St. Johns, Arizona, at the Ritz for what must have been the opening of the 1937 movie Fight For Your Lady. It was a grand affair. (See the brass band to the right of the theater.)

A few questions from looking at the picture.

How many people did the theater hold??

Was it a segregated theater? (I can't see any Hispanics and although I've never done an actual count, I'd guess about half the town was of Hispanic descent.)

This was, of course, during the Great Depression. What was the price of admission?

Anyone know what kind of cars those are? Studebaker? Ford?

And, here is a bootleg Youtube copy of Fight For Your Lady. I've had it running in the background, and it is no classic, but could be enjoyable if you were watching it with the right crowd. There's a pleasant little tune at about 33:15, but that's about as far as I watched.

The picture is from my father's continuing monumental digitization of the historic Jarvis-Overson photo collection.

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